Semiliki Trust was set up in April 2010 to support a network of inspirational health and social projects in conflict-affected eastern Congo (DRC). These provide essential services to a million people.

It was set up by Nigel Pearson (health adviser) and four (now five) trustees, Joss Saunders (chair), Kate Goodacre, Peter Pearson (treasurer), Rob Wendover and Lucy Saunders, with Tim Goodacre (surgical adviser), Sii Cockerill (web design), Ruth Lockley (administrator) and Sue Pearson.

Mahagi Hospital, south of Aru, on the border with Uganda, one of more than 50 hospitals and health centres supported by Semiliki

How it all began

Medical work for the Anglican church in Zaïre started in the 1970s. Nigel worked in eastern DRC in the 1990s, helping to run a hospital and nursing college in Boga, south of Bunia, Ituri, DRC, above the Semiliki river valley. The Semiliki river at this point forms the border between Congo and Uganda, taking the water draining off the Ruwenzori mountains. Nigel was a guest of the Anglican church of Congo, and appointed as government District Medical Officer of Boga health district. He makes frequent visits back to Congo to support the health coordination teams of the Service Médical, and the other projects that Semiliki supports. Kate and Tim, and Peter have also had the opportunity of visiting projects and being recipients of the amazing Congolese hospitality.

Boga nursing college in 1996. Nigel with students and Raymond Gbombo (4th from right) who is now national medical coordinator of the Service Médical


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