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Rob Wendover


Rob has worked in sales within the publishing industry for over 30 years and now has his own business. Prologue Sales provides export and international rights sales services and consultancy for book publishers. He lives in Oxford where he’s a long-standing member of an Anglican church and involved in several local charities. His interests include cycling, walking and sailing.


  • Responsible for maintaining the direction, the values, the integrity, the probity, the prudence and the reputation of the Trust. All significant decisions are taken by the trustees. Working as a team, the trustees are responsible for the management and administration, and the governance of the Trust.
  • Ensure that the global objective, and the specific objectives are being met and that the Trust activities are consistent with the charitable objects in line with the “ways of carrying out the objects” and that the trust does not breach requirements set out in the governing document.  
  • Exercise oversight of the management of all assets of the trust, principally financial accountability, and ensure that all accounts are audited to required standards and that the Trust remains solvent.
  • Rob brings in a wealth of experience from the corporate sector, helping identify and developing opportunities with partners.

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