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Kate Goodacre


Kate Goodacre lived and worked at a rural hospital in Tanzania for several years in the mid-1980s, and subsequently ran a charity  for 10 years providing financial support and supplying drugs and equipment to the hospital. She worked as a Community Occupational Therapist in Oxfordshire, supporting people of all ages and with all types of disability to live independently at home. She co-founded and  directed  a fair trade shop in central Oxford. She is a member of St Matthew’s Church, and is involved particularly in social justice initiatives, and enjoys spending time with her many grandchildren.

Kate Goodacre, Trustee with one of her grandchildren

As a trustee, she

  • maintains the direction, the values, the integrity, the probity, the prudence and the reputation of the Trust. All significant decisions are taken by the trustees. Working as a team, the trustees are responsible for the management and administration, and the governance of the Trust.
  • Ensures that the global objective, and the specific objectives are being met and that the Trust activities are consistent with the charitable objects in line with the “ways of carrying out the objects” and that the trust does not breach requirements set out in the governing document.  
  • Exercises oversight of the management of all assets of the trust, principally financial accountability, and ensure that all accounts are audited to required standards and that the Trust remains solvent.
  • organises fundraising events.

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