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St Matthieu Update

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Dr Denise writes that in the small St Matthieu Health Centre in Bukavu, they now deliver 40 babies a month and perform 5 cesarean sections. Other major surgical operations are also performed for problems such as hernias and laparotomies. One of many top priorities for our support is for surgical equipment and an operating block.

How we are helping

We are raising funds for the operating theatre at St Matthieu through the Autumn 2014. We would like to contribute $8,000 for surgical equipment and $16,000 for the operating theatre building, in addition to the money the community will raise themselves.

Dr Tim and Kate Goodacre are in Bukavu (24th – 27th September) and are discussing surgical developments with the Bukavu team and Professor Ahuka – the Dean of nearby Panzi University which trains surgeons.


See how the rowers get on in the Great River Race in London this Saturday, 27th September in support of this appeal.

You can read about the Great River Race Blog  and find out all of the details.

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