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How do we account for money?

With so many projects supported, it is vital that in the Semiliki Trust we keep a hawk’s eye on how money is used, while at the same time insisting that communities who benefit are fully informed of how much was given.

Kpandroma is a new health centre that the Aru medical coordination is supporting. It is in an area that was in the middle of a severe inter-ethnic conflict that raged between 1999 and 2005. Even now, the effects are still being affected as formerly displaced people gradually restore their lives and livelihoods.

The health centre is made with mud and thatch, to get the work started quickly. The accounts are in French, but this gives you an idea of how detailed we like to receive the accounting. The money was used to fit doors and windows in the consulting room and in the maternity. Further funds paid for a ceiling and glass panes.

View the accounts from Kpandroma

We have just given a further $1000 with which the community decided to buy 500m of electric cable so that the centre and local community can receive power from the nearby power line that comes from a hydro electric project.

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