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Boga Region in the DRC Boga Region in the DRC

War has had a major impact on the Boga region, with most of the health centres being attacked and looted, some like Bukiringi on multiple occasions. This area was the epicentre of some ferocious inter-ethnic strife and interference by neighbouring countries. Olongba centre is isolated and many women were dying in labour as it was too dangerous to transfer them, so a new operating room was made with a competent nurse surgeon doing the caesarian sections, significantly bringing down the maternal mortality.

To support peace, Semiliki has sponsored seminars for young people in Boga and Aru, many deeply traumatised by the war. These seminars focus on reconciliation and sharing of the Christian gospel.

Projects in Boga

The Medical Coordinators

  • Dr. Kabunga

    Dr. Kabunga

Work in the medical region of Boga started in the mid 1980s. Boga village built a small hospital and developed 14 health centres in other villages, becoming a government health district Congo (but never receiving funds from the government). The coordination office is in Bunia town, where Dr Emmanuel Kabunga, medical coordinator, is based.

How we have helped

Semiliki supports Dr Kabunga’s coordination work as he travels every month around the health centres bringing up standards. Money buys drugs, a printer, pays for transport costs and a motorbike to help the supervision.

At the end of 2012 and in 2013 Semiliki sent urgent funds for two displaced communities for drugs and to put roofs on temporary health clinics at Bilima and Bwakadi. Bukiringi centre receives regular funds for drugs and Semilki also supported Olongba with a caesarian section kit.

How you can help


Most centres are gradually getting back into shape, but many resources are needed for new construction and to re-equip all the centres. Emergency needs continue for displaced and newly returned communities, to buy drugs, medical equipment and help with reconstruction of maternities and consultation blocks.

Regular giving will continue support for Dr Kabunga’s courageous work, and the work of many health centres in the region. One off fund raising helps communities to build desperately needed maternities, equip centres and buy drugs.

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