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Music and medicine

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Medical student Andre Uwechi is one of a number of dynamic individuals being supported by Semiliki Trust in their efforts to bring hope and transformation to Eastern DRC.

Andre trained as a nurse at the Boga Institut Technique Médical in Ituri, and worked in the region for five years. During this time, he writes, “I was inspired by the idea of doing more for my community like the doctors I was working with, and being still young my desire was to progress as far as possible with my studies”. He was also affected by a number of close family members who were very ill at the time. Andre enrolled as a medical student at the Congo Protestant University (UPC) in DRC’s capital, Kinshasa, over 1,500 km from Boga. After completing the first part of his studies at UPC, he moved to the Franco-American University and now has four years left before qualifying as a doctor.

Semiliki supported medical student Andre Uwechi:

Andre Uwechi

Andre training with fellow medical students in Kinshasa:

Medical school in Kinshasa

Alongside his medical work, Andre is interested in supporting a number of micro-finance initiatives at home in Boga district, and is also a fantastic singer. He hopes to use both his medical and musical skills to bring about change in DRC. He is currently recording twelve songs of worship and praise music, many of which have a particular emphasis on peace. Aware of the huge need for reconciliation in the region and the world more widely, he hopes these songs send a message to see a ‘true peace, so that development can take hold… in an environment of peace and justice’. The photo at the top of this page shows Andre singing in his church choir. We hope to be able to share some of his songs on this blog in due course.

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