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July 26, 2013Boga, Bukiringi, Bukiringi Health Centre, Project

The isolated village of Bukiringi is one of the health centres in the Boga medical region. It has been on the front line of fighting between rival militia groups and government soldiers for the past decade.

Bukiringi Health Centre serves a population of 10,000 people who have been displaced on at least 5 occasions, responding to all their immediate health needs, including delivery and minor surgery (wounds).

Nurse couple Kule and Tauka met at the Boga nursing school and married during their studies. Tauka’s family come from a village near Bukiringi. They have lived through many of the trials of the last years of war, and have had to flee 4 times from the health centre where they have been working for the past 4 years.

Despite this they have continued to build up Bukiringi health centre, with new buildings, new equipment and supplies, serving the need of a traumatised and displaced population, with many malnourished children and marginalised groups like the Batwa (pygmies). They also oversee a couple of small health posts in villages nearby.

The trust has given regular support to the centre for 2 years, with small amounts of money used for buying essential drugs and some equipment.

It is vital to maintain and increase regular support for this front line health centre. Additional money will be used for building projects (including an operating theatre) and equipment. Urgent funds are used for the displaced and the returnee population.

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