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Getting best value for money in Boga

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Medical equipment is never easily acquired in Tondoli, Boga district, but when carefully selected by partners on the ground with local knowledge and experience, the impact of the investment is huge.

A desperately needed delivery bed has recently been purchased for Tondoli’s health centre with Semiliki funds. The bed has been purchased and accounted for by Boga region supervisor, Nurse Kule, and is already greatly improving the conditions in which women deliver in Tondoli.

Wanting to get the best deal possible for the money transferred by Semiliki Trust, Kule made the long journey to Butembo on dangerous roads, where the bed was significantly cheaper than in neighbouring Beni. He was adamant to get the best value for money!

Tontoli delivery bed bill

The delivery bed cost $1000

Kule also used Semiliki funds to buy a generator for the health centre in Bukiringi and an autoclave to sterilise medical equipment for Tekele health centre. He thanks supporters of Semiliki Trust for enabling him and others in their work to improve health care in Boga district.

Autoclave Tekele

Autoclave purchased for Tekele

Generator Bukiringi

New generator at Bukiringi

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