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Semiliki Trust

Christmas gifts with a difference!

As construction of the operating block at the St Matthieu Hospital Centre gets underway, support Bukavu region in equipping the block by buying a pair of theatre boots, a solar panel or another unusual gift for a loved one this Christmas.

The St Matthieu operating theatre building project is now well under way. As well as strong earthquake proof walls and plenty of natural light, the block also needs a range of surgical equipment to enable life saving operations to be carried out. Semiliki supporters are warmly encouraged to consider buying a vital piece of kit for the operating theatre on behalf of a loved one this Christmas.

St Matthieu Christmas gifts

To buy a gift, simply make payment for your chosen gift via www.give.net/20117932 or cheque, and email Kate (kate.goodacre@semiliki-trust.org.uk) with details of where the certificate should be sent. You will be emailed, or sent, a beautiful gift certificate to present to the recipient.

Download the Flyer – print it off and share it with your friends!

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