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Speeding up operations!

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In the bustling city of Bukavu nothing stands still for long. The road to St Matthieu Hospital comes off just to the left of the above photo. Many people call in when they’re sick and 100 women deliver babies every month.

Since the operating theatre was opened, more and more people are coming to St Matthieu. Semliki supported Dr George (seen with his wife) during his five year surgical specialisation in Bukavu which he recently passed with distinction in his final viva. He studied at Panzi Hospital, run by Dr Denis Mukwege who was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for peace.

Semilki equipped the first theatre, but we need to equip the second theatre in the operating block that we built. This will allow C-sections and other emergencies to take place while more routine operating goes on. We also want to provide more orthopaedic equipment so that Dr George and the surgical team can respond more readily to the large number of road accidents, many of which happen on the main road outside St Matthieu. The team also urgently need a diathermy machine. Our Operating Kit Appeal has started, so do please contribute and help the team in Bukavu save more lives.

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