Our Autumn Appeal

October 19, 2017Appeal, CMS Ireland, Compassion Orphanage, Medical Aid International, St Matthieu Hospital

Following the success of the St Mattieu Operating theatre project. Semiliki is now fund raising for other operating theatres in hospitals in north east Democratic Republic of Congo that we support. For our appeal this autumn and Christmas 2017, we hope to raise a target of $25,000 to equip one operating theatre. Our health coordinator friends in Congo have requested help in equipping 5 operating theatres, and we hope to raise money for one of these and to find matched fund from another organisation to equip at least one more.

In 2016 we purchased high quality equipment adapted to the unpredictable Congolese environment from specialist agency Medaid that would help St Matthieu’s hospital keep the operating theatre opening and running as needed up to 24 hours a day. Medaid got the supplies through quickly and at low delivery cost to St Matthieu and provided much additional surgical kit for free. Semiliki was so impressed by this service that the plan would be to procure again from Medaid to equip further operating theatres.

How can you help? We will be setting up a special site to give for this appeal in early November. But in the meantime, you can give via the Support page of the Semiliki website, by a one off gift or standing order directly to the Trust (both of which can be Gift Aided), or via Virgin giving (where a small percentage is taken out in administrative costs by Virgin). Alternatively you can set up your own fundraising event to raised money for this.  See what exciting things people have done in the past to raise money for Semiliki projects.

As we look ahead to early 2018, there are a number of other special projects we will be looking for people to raise funds for.  Now that the new operating theatre at St Matthieu’s hospital in Bukavu is doing so many operations, there is urgent need for post-operative ward space. We have a had a request for $10,000 to complete a ward that needs plastering, painting, windows, furniture, equipping and a further $3,000 for solar lights. The orphanage in Butembo also needs more space. Church Mission Society Ireland have built the first of a planned 4 house complex for the orphans. Semiliki often discusses the needs of the orphanage with CMS-Ireland, and we would like to build one of the four houses, but we would need $45,000 to do this.  We hope to put out an appeal for this in January.


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