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Our Christmas Diagnostics Appeal

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Counting white cells in a patient’s blood in St Matthieu Hospital, Bukavu

This year we’re raising money to give our medical partners better diagnostics capacity in their hospitals. Both our Congo Kobina event and Christmas giving will go towards buying xray, ultrasound and blood analysers (for haematology and biochemistry).

We’re very excited to be sending the very latest x-ray technology to our friend Dr Moïse and team at Masiki hospital in Butembo. This includes the latest state-of-the art AI technology that will give a result on chest x-rays. A partnership with Fujifilm and Medaid has provided this Xair machine at a third of cost price with the amazing additional free use of the AI software.

Estimating a patient’s haemoglobin with the naked eye in Aru Cité Hospital- which of course leaves a large margin of error.

Imagine working in a a hospital where you’ve never had x-ray, or biochemistry analysers – so you can’t see how a patient’s liver or kidneys are working, or how they are controlling their diabetes. Or seeing someone with a chronic cough and not being sure if it is tuberculosis or heart failure. We’re hoping to raise money for another x-ray machine and to equip several of the hospitals with haematology and biochemistry in the labs.

We’re raising funds to buy equipment and supplies for the hospitals we support to better diagnose people with acute and chronic disease.  This includes people with acute injuries from violence or road accidents, and for people with chronic non communicable diseases (NCDs). To support the appeal you can either make a direct payment or standing order to the Semilki Account, make a general donation, or specify your contribution for this appeal: Donate here

Haematology and biochemistry machines cost between £2,000 and £4,000. The recent Xair we purchased was £20,000 (one third of retail price thanks to the generosity of Fujifilm). £60 will buy a blood pressure machine. £40 will buy one glucometer (blood sugar testing machine) to test for Diabetes. £10 will buy 100 testing strips for the blood sugar testing machine. £8 will buy a peak flow meter for testing someone with asthma or chronic obstructive airways disease.

Donate here

Drs Moïse & Kambere in Masiki Hospital, Butembo

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