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Keyboards for efficient health systems

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Semiliki supports health workers to do their job better… and one way it helps, is by providing laptops for the administration of the medical coordination teams.

The administrator in Butembo, Kiembwa (above), keeps reports on the 24 health structures coordinated by the Butembo team on this laptop we sent out 3 years ago.

At that time we were given a number of excellent DELL laptops that were just past their warranty by Oxford-based IT manger, Michael Matthews of an eco security firm. The company has subsequently moved to the Far East, but Semiliki has occasionally had the resources to buy new laptops for key personnel, such as Butembo region’s supervisor, Mbafele, who visits all the health centres on a motorbike. Here he is with a camera they purchased with Semiliki funds to enable them to take pictures of their projects.

Mbafele with camera

In January 2015 funds were sent for Butembo region church treasurer, Kasereka, to buy a laptop. This will enable him to keep much better accounts and better supervise and audit all programmes run by the church, including the medical programme and the orphanage.

laptop 002

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