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New Blog Launched!

Semiliki Trust was established back in April 2010. Since then, we’ve achieved an incredible amount, but there’s always more to do.

Our new blog is another item checked off our list of things we can do to make Semiliki Trust work better. We’re planning to write in two directions; to the future as well as into the past. Over the past 4 years, a lot has happened; we’ve sent out newsletters and we’ve posted updates and photos on social media but sometimes the stories we have to tell need more than 140 characters to do them justice and to give them the important context they really need.

So here we are. This is the real beginning, and from here we’ll add new posts regularly as well as create an archive into our past. Instead of publishing snippets of our stories on social media, we’ll publish the links to the full stories we write here on the blog. We’re likely to continue to publish some exclusive information in our newsletters, but you might see some other changes there too. We want our website to come alive. We want you to get in touch and get involved with what we’re doing here as well as what we’re doing to support those who really need help in Aru, Boga, Butembo and Bukavu.

Thanks for reading and for your support. We’re really looking forward to sharing our stories with you.

— Semiliki Trust

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