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A tutorial in brick making….

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Many of our partners are forever building the next consultation or inpatient block, building a new orphanage or operating block.

The work doesn’t stop! In Masiki health centre, Butembo nurse Adrien Kiro (in stripy shirt above) is supervising the brick making for the next consultation block. The masons used local mud and the brick press to build this impressive tower of clay bricks. These will then be fired by putting large logs into holes within the stack (or what now becomes a kiln).

Here the mud is being compressed by the man heaving down on the brick press:

P1000439 (Large)

The bricks are taken out of the mould:

P1000440 (Large)

The curious on-lookers:

P1000444 (Large)

Lilly is the nurse in charge of Masiki health centre:

Lilly, Nurse in charge of Masiki Health Centre


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