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The daily chores

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At the Butembo Compassion Orphanage, everyone has to help out with the daily duties. The 49 orphans are currently housed in a very small 3 room house because of the frightening chasm that opened up in the road below the original, now condemned, orphanage building.

chasm... (Large)

Fortunately, building of the first block of a four house complex is now underway, with funds from generous supporters of the Church Mission Society Ireland.

Even Compassion’s director, Mbambu, has to chop firewood:

Madame Mbambu chopping wood

Everyone is involved in the daily search for water from a stand pipe a couple of hundred metres away, fed from a fresh water spring.

Collecting water 1

P1020012 (Large) P1020008 (Large)

Even the youngest children enjoy joining in…

P1010990 (Large) P1010977 (Large)

Meanwhile, there are also less strenuous, more creative activities, such as hair braiding:

P1010963 (Large)

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