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Women delivering safely

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The starting point of any health system is to ensure women and men have access to quality reproductive health services and that women can deliver with dignity and in safety. Semiliki supports our partners to improve hospital infrastructure and quality of services. Semiliki contributed to the costs of this maternity block in Ekanga (near Aru) built by the community where this woman is pictured with her newborn baby.

New Maternity in Ekanga

Perhaps the next priority should be the road……

Being able to plan their families and know they can deliver safely is a priority for these women, seen below helping each other in rotation on their fields in Ekanga, preparing to plant peanuts.

Further north on the border with South Sudan, Semiliki also supported the community of Rumu to build a maternity.

Many more women have chosen to deliver at Rumu health centre instead of an unsafe delivery at home since the maternity was built


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