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Semiliki enhances its digital image….

The aim of our current fundraiser is to improve diagnostics in the hospitals we support in Congo. None of the 10 hospitals we support in Congo have had xray. So we are delighted to have just purchased xray (shown in the above image) for Masiki Hospital, Butembo.

Thanks to the brilliant networking of our partner Medaid, we have been able to access a state-of-the-art digital xray from Fujifilm UK at one third of the UK retail price. We have purchased this with a grant from ECHO International Health Services and your support.

Fujifilm’s Clinical Product Specialist, Jack Scott, with the Xair portable digital xray.

The Xair has only just come onto the market, and is the new face of portable low-dose high-resolution digital xray, transportable in a large case, and weighing under 10kg (the xray generator and tube with the detector, see below).

The Xair, with xray generator and the rectangular dectector which patients hold

Until recently, digital xray machines have weighed hundreds of Kg, and even Fujifilm’s Nano Xray weighs 90kg. As well as being portable, the Xair can be charged in advance and can shoot up to 100 images on a full charge. This has huge advantages for our hospitals which only have very limited power from solar and small generators. The quality of the images is also fantastic, which will greatly enhance the quality of diagnosis. Semiliki is delighted to be helping one poor-resourced hospital to leap-frog technologies and have a fantastic machine. There is also a possibility to get access to Fujifilm’s latest closed A.I. Chest Xray CXR) software. This has a database of 10,000 CXRs from which it can provide a very good diagnostic indicator of any CXR, which could be invaluable in our settings where there is no radiologist for hundreds of kilometres. Having digital xray also opens up the possibility of getting remote access diagnostic support.

A.I. software used to provide a diagnosis on Chest Xrays (CXR)
Fujifilm’s Regional Manager, Jamie Birkett explains the A.I. diagnostic software to Semiliki’s Tim Goodacre

This is the only time Fujifilm have offered one of these machines to a charity like ours, and this has come about because of the relationship our Medaid friends have with Fujifilm. We are incredibly grateful to the Fujifilm team for this generosity, and to Medaid for their inspirational work.

Medaid’s CEO Tim Beacon with Semiliki’s Surgical Adviser Tim Goodacre with Fujiflim’s Nano machine.

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