November 10, 2018

Ebola continues to take its toll

Ebola continues to threaten many communities where our friends live in eastern DRC, particularly in the Butembo region, around the towns of Beni and Butembo. This poster was distributed by the medical coordinators. 

They have also done extensive work in training staff, in raising awareness in communities and talking with local leaders. We supported their request for some funding from the Anglican Alliance, and gave $500 to Butembo for them to buy gloves and disinfectants to enable them to implement essential protective measures. As of 7 November, there had been 308 cases of Ebola, with just over half  (156) of cases dying and 91 healed and discharged from Ebola Treatment Centres run by the health ministry in conjunction with international partners. Over 100 cases a day are being investigated and there is extensive contact tracing. The biggest challenge is however insecurity around Beni, with yet another lethal attack on the town a fortnight ago and a 4 person Ebola investigation team taken hostage by rebels. This puts an immense strain on all those responding.

Community member in Boga with Ebola posters

Our partners around Beni and Butembo are being extremely vigilant and taking extra precautions, but are very weary with the huge strain of this epidemic on top of the on-going extreme insecurity and poverty. The Compassion Orphanage has recently had to welcome more orphans from families killed or displaced in the violence. Our appeal is going well, but lots more funds are needed to reach our  £10,000 target. You can pay directly to our bank account (ask Ruth for details) or via our Donation Manager site. Meanwhile we continue to support all the other projects. This brief report gives an idea of the myriad ways your regular giving has helped us support our partners:

What Semiliki Supported – Sept 2017 – April 2018

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